Russian classical art XVIII-early XX centuries

The exhibition presents more than 100 original works of fine arts of the XVIII – early XX centuries – from ancient icons to pictorial and drawing art of the greatest Russian artists.

You will view pictures of different genres and styles:

✔grand and intimate portraits of the XVIII century, demonstrating the artists interest to a man, his personality and status.

✔sceneries and still lifes of the XIX century by famous artists of Russian painting: I.Aivazovsky, I.Shishkin, I.Levitan, I.Khrutsky and many others.

✔canvases by V.Surikov - the great Russian artist of Siberian origin. The Museum presents a walloping collection of his artworks from the very first independent to the last major work.

✔masterpieces of e.20th c. painted by I.Repin, K.Korovin, P.Petrochiev and others. Meanwhile sweeping changes took place  in art. In addition to realism, Russian impressionism and symbolism begin to take off and diverse artist association come into existence.

✔a collection of Russian icon-painting.

The Museum displays the icons of various schools and styles from central regions of Russia, rare samples of Siberian icons, carefully crafted frameworks and cooper Old Believers moulding.

The Itinerant art works are represented by genre art, portrait and scenery. They glorified Russian nature, illustrated the daily life of Russian society in its true colours.

Who were they? The Itinerants were: Vasily Petrov, Alexey Savrasov, Ivan Shishkin, Ilya Repin, Nikolay Ge, Vasily Polenov, Victor & Apollinary Vasnetsov, Vasily Surikov, Archip Quindji, Isaac Levitan, Vladimir & Konstantin Makovsky, Valentin Serov, and the leader of the movement – Ivan Kramskoy.

The first demarche of the Itinerants was fouled-up competition, dedicated to the centenary of the Imperial Academy of Arts. Its best graduates refused to paint a scene from mythology. Artists yearned to select their own subjects, but the Academy didn`t meet halfway, so they left the room. Subsequently, the rebels organized the first Russian artists` association - “Artel of Free Artists”, which was lately transformed into “The Association of Itinerant Art Exhibitions”.

   Dates19.12.2019 – 31.12.2020

 Ticket price: 150 rub.

 Address: 20, Parizhskoy Communy Str. (Gadalovs' maison)


At the exhibition you will view more than 50 fine art paintings of the best native artists.

The first section of the exhibition is represented by the genre of portrait mid-to-late XVIII – early to mid XIX centuries. Depicting people, the artists tried to reflect moral virtues and inwardness of a man, embodied soul searching and its meaning. The second section is devoted to creative work of artists mid-to-late XIX – early XX centuries. The main genre of this section is landscape – scholastic and true, depicting spirit of the age and Russian men life.

True landscapes were painted by I.Shihkin, V.Orlovsky, N.Sergeev. Creative work of scholastic genre is presented with vast canvases of A.Bogolyubov and R.Sudkovsky. The tradition of late scholastic romanticism is discernible in landscape by Y.Clever. 

The third section is connected with the period of Russian art development at the turn of XXth  century. It is the period of art associations warfare. The exhibit is represented by artworks of members of the association “Union of Russian artists”: K.Korovin, S.Zhukovsky, S.Miloradovich.

Painters of the turn of the century appealed to plein-air landscape sketch, based on takeaway from nature. The fourth section of the exhibition is Siberian pictorial art of e.XXth c. There are artworks of exiled artist S.Vronsky, paintings and sketches of Siberian landscape artists G.Gurkin and D.Karatanov. The artists could show the beauty and fine-drawn lyricism of nature, made contemporaries look at customary in a new way.

   Dates: 07.11.2019 – 22.03.2020

 Ticket price: 150 rub.

 Address: 68, Krasnoyarsky Rabochy Ave. (Krasnoyarsk Art Museum named after V.I.Surikov on the Right bank)